Adirondack & Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Hey guys! I’m Nicole.


I’m a Hudson valley native, mama, wife, mountain lover & sun chaser.

I live to travel, explore & photograph my adventures. I have a background in conservation & forestry which naturally draws me outside into the wild. Any chance I get, you will find me outside exploring through the wilderness, hiking that mountain or just soaking up those golden rays through the trees.

The Adirondack’s has my heart,‘it is where I photographed my first ever wedding. From that moment I knew this is what I loved, it instantly gave me goose bumps. Capturing your raw love in such a surreal adventure.

Chasing the light, seeing what is around that next corner and climbing to the top of that high peak is what fills my heart and going on these adventures with my couples who are like friends and family make it the best adventure I could ever dream of.


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